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                  High Ra index

                  Bright LED products has high RA rating of more than 82, some products even reaching Ra92, produces superior quality light.

                  Soft light effect

                  Unique patented anti-glare function of our LED lighting create a gentle light comfortable to the eyes and achieve the quality of non-glare display space.

                  Creative Lighting

                  Fully consider the size of the illuminated object, orientation, location, and set the ceiling height, the angle of illumination light distribution, glare angle and other factors, to achieve the best allocation of light.

                  Consistent light

                  The harmony of light from Bright LED luminaires combined uniformity with intensity to deliver superior lighting performance.

                  Energy Saving

                  High-power condenser

                  High power and high intensity LED module, combine with patented optic lens to provides high quality light ray and various options of color temperature and light angle create elegant space and superior lighting effect.

                  Power saving

                  LED has high luminous efficiency. The use of LED lighting can dramatically reduce power consumption.

                  High Lumen

                  LED is high efficient, high lumens, brighter lighting to achieve higher illumination.


                  Bright LED lighting fixtures products that meet Bright testing Lab through a variety of standard testing, and through the United States UL product certification can obtain international quality certification.

                  Bright LED course

                  • 2008
                    R & D center was established
                    Bright LED lighting R & D center was established, entering the LED era.
                  • 2009
                    Developed LED lighting fixtures
                    Bright lighting conducted various experiments and practice able to developed LED lighting fixtures.
                  • 2010
                    LED lighting products appeared
                    Bright LED lighting products appeared in the major lighting show, leading the LED lighting industry trends.
                  • 2011
                    Launching LED's PRO brand
                    Bright lighting launched LED's PRO brand, using high-quality LED and exquisite lighting to deliver a comfortable illumination experience.
                  • 2012
                    Launching Bright LED home lighting brand
                    Bright lighting LED's PRO further enhances the LED optimization techniques and increases luminous comfort while reducing energy consumption. At the same time introduces the home lighting LED technology by launching Bright LED home lighting brand, so that more people enjoy the comfort of LED light.
                  • 2013
                    LED lighting upgrade
                    Bright LED lighting upgrade expanding LED in wider areas.