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                  Contact us


                  As the professional designer in lights, Bright Lighting BLC&TACT products are used in applications as diverse as commercial space, housing space, public facilities and scenery lights, etc. Bright Lighting pursues fresh ideas and advanced technology on schemes.
                  Standing on the customer’s perspective, we provide satisfactory solutions for the customers and considering every single detail of lighting ideas, light design, lights coordination and light test.
                  Presenting plans and solutions with the most advanced technology and professional knowledge.

                  With more than 100 internationally renowned designers, BLC & TACT provide a full range of lighting solutions worldwide.


                  Design and develop light environment
                  Creating combination of space and light, Bright lighting gives light endless possibilities.


                  1. Lighting design and business plan: Architectural lighting, commercial facilities, residential space, urban landscape, and museum.
                  2. Customized lighting design: from artistic level to crafting level deliver a wide range of designs.
                  3. Lighting consultant: planning and preparation of projects, design, research and analysis
                  4. Lighting promotion: Lighting lectures, cultural knowledge, exhibitions

                  Design Process