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                  Contact us

                  R & D Center 

                  2008 Group established LED R & D center, with more than 100 from the United States, Japan, China's R & D team. Group's lighting products have a number of United States patents, licensing more than 200 pieces, nearly 400 Chinese patents.

                  Optical design

                  Based on the initial optical design test result, we continue to conduct a secondary optical design test through research in order to ensure the best and perfect light quality, optimizing the LED light angle, light intensity, luminous flux, light distribution, light range and the right color temperature.

                  Various angles, various light shape can be designed at less than 3° tolerance
                  Light distribution efficiency at more than 90%
                  Products luminous efficiency at more than 120lm/watt

                  Conventional product luminous range average is 6 * 3 M, in order to design better products, expanding the luminous area, the R&D team succeed to combine two different optical lens producing better light distribution to covering 7(H)*4(W)M or 4(H)*7(W)M.

                  Structural thermal design

                  Through the research of thermal flow and thermal distribution analysis, our team design the most optimized heat sink structure, which greatly reduce the operating temperature of the lamp, to ensure steady lumen output, increase safety, while reducing the overall weight of the fixture and ultimately extend lamp life.

                  The open design is not a barrier and down the cold air convection up

                  Installation of structural optimization

                  Without locks installed
                  No-tool-required assembly method for quick and easy install or remove and easy to replace for maintenance

                  Anti-vibration protection
                  The lamp holder specially designed hooking mechanism is to ensure during installation or removal of the lamp prevent from direct fall, also to ensure the lamp is tightly secure from external vibration or impact.

                  LED Module
                  No soldering, plug-in system, save time and labor, easy to assembly.

                  Production Center 

                  Testing center 

                  Design Center 

                  Excellent design, planning capacity

                  Product Design

                  Having experience in design and innovation which made up of over 100 talented designers from America, Japan, China and Taiwan combine with a skillful R&D team, Bright has developed and designed fashionable lighting products that suitable for residential lighting and commercial lighting to meet various needs and applications

                  Lantern Design :hand-made, tailor-made and good forming ability

                  With each stroke of line from our talented designers and refining the shape by using points, lines and planes to create the perfect form that blend in with the environment. Focusing in every single detail to create a master piece of art, our designers deliver to the customers with excellent and advance design that fit in modern life style.

                  LED Design Professional team create lighting products ahead of time

                  From designers point of view light fixtures not only responsible of providing illumination but also a display of great works of art. Committed to the implementation of LED technology, by marrying the beauty of art and advance technology together, our designers deliver at the same time a beautiful piece of products with high-tech performance within.

                  The lighting design

                  Design team has the strong on-spot planning ability. According to the needs of the customers, design team provides 360°lighting schemes and lights matching on-spot design to meet the expectations.